LVDT Position Sensors and Their Application

From a number of references, I concluded that the LVDT position sensor (Linear Differential Transformer Variable) is an electromagnetic transducer sensor that can convert a straight motion from an object mechanically into an appropriate electrical signal. The LVDT position sensor can measure small movements from a few inches to a millionth of an inch, and it is capable of measuring positions up to ±30 inches (± 0.762 meters). In the field of robotics, the LVDT position sensor acts as an eye, this sensor is used to detect objects by measuring the distance of the object. This sensor can measure distances very accurately through electrical signals. In essence, the robot can see the object in front of it with lvdt position sensor.

If you read some basic electronic journals or other references, you will find a more in-depth explanation of this type of sensor. Technically, it can be explained that the LVDT position sensor consists of a primary coil, two secondary coils and a core made of ferromagnetic. The primary and secondary coils will be wrapped around a sleeve made of non-magnetic material. The primary coil is wrapped around the center of the sleeve while the secondary coil is wrapped around each side of the primary coil. These two coils are connected in series in opposite and the number of turns is the same. For a more detailed explanation, you can visit

In general, a position sensor is used to detect the position of an object and make position measurements on an object. The measurement results for position sensors are used to measure angular or linear displacement. Technical measurements can be done directly or without contact. Position sensors are commonly used to measure the position of objects automatically. Measurement of position sensors can be done by analog and digital methods. For short distance shifts, an analog method is used, while long distance shifts are used by digital means.

Position sensors have several types, such as Strain Gauge, Transducer, Potentiometer, Ultrasonic sensor, and the most commonly used in various industries is lvdt. They have various functions and uses for each. Position sensors can be applied in various fields, such as industry, mining, manufacturing, transportation, technology, robotics, military, and automotive.

In the automotive industry, position sensors like LVDT are often used to measure the position of spare parts on the engine. This is done so that the placement of spare parts can be done accurately. While in the mining sector, position sensors are used to determine the position of drilling and mining. LVDT position sensor is the latest technology that is very beneficial for human life. You can get it easily, and you only need to access the internet and look for several companies that provide quality sensors like LVDT.